Friday, February 24, 2012

SMAK Ricci 1's Valdayyyyy

Valentine’s day ideas ©©
Valentine’s day ideas must be great, unique, full of surprise and also express your feeling to him/her. To make it real,  I have some valentine’s day ideas for you who want to express the feeling of love to your precious people. Something that will make those peoples love you more than before, something that perhaps will change your life forever.

Give a chocolate

Who doesn’t like eating chocolate? Sweet and pleasant. Chocolate has a various form, it can be made to be a cake, mousse, pudding or even just a choco bar. Chocolate could be one of the best idea for valentine’s gift ‘cause almost everyone love chocolate, especially the self made one, it’s gonna be precious and unforgettable.

Give a bouquet of roses
It is only few of rupiahs, but with this cheap valentine ideas  you will be able to change your life forever, is it to much? no! . As you know, pink or red roses are girls’ favourites! ©

Give a selfmade thing
Selfmade always more precious than other, for example we can make our  selfmade doll,photo frame or maybe scrapbook. Don’t worry too much about him/her respond, eventhough you made a bit mess, it probably  won’t ruin how glad he/she is. In fact, self made things will be the sweetest gift for the receiver, he/she actually don’t mind with your gift’s  appearance, they just think about the effort that you have spent over those things. So be creative and be confidence.

Write a special letter

Letter? Every time we heard that word, we directly think it’s so “last year” things, an old style thing. But the thing that you should remember is the power of a old things,when everyone use modern communication media such as sms,chat and skyping, we sometimes miss how we use letter as our communication media before. So, to make a sweetest gift, we can make letter as a way to express your feeling by writing something over there. Write your mistakes, your memories, or even your wishes against your relationship between you and your precious people. And don’t forget to save it, it gonna be sweeter when you re-read it someday :p  

Ricci’s valentine’s day
To celebrate valentine’s days, OSIS PPSK 48 held some small events. We decorate the school with colorful balloons, some hand-made roses, wall magazine, etc. We also made a short movie about couple and “jones” in SMAK Ricci 1.
So, happy late valentine, and enjoy !

Catherine Linardi (X.3) & Michael  Stefanus(XI.1)
- SMAK Ricci 1 -


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